Val d'Hérens


Val d’Hérens (Eringer Valley) stretches from the Rhone Valley near Sitten to the foot of Dent Blanche, Dent d'Hérens, Mont Collons and Mont Blanc de Cheilon. Centuries-old villages with their typical dwellings lean against steep slopes. The concrete dam of Grande Dixence, which has a height of 285 meters and is the world’s highest dam wall, is located in the side valley of Val d'Hérémence.

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The gate to Val d'Hérens (Eringer Valley) is formed by the famous earth pyramids of Euseigne, steep stone towers crowned with rock boulders. Past the gate, the cauldron-like, green high-altitude valley comes into view. Framed by a superb peak crown, the mighty Dent Blanche towers over it in all its glittering glory. Val d'Hérens with its charming mountain villages such as Evolène, Les Haudères or Arolla, preserves the old Valaisian traditions. The large dam wall of the Grande Dixence, at 285 meters the world’s highest dam wall, is located in the side valley of Val d'Hérémence. It is made up of 6 million cubic meters of concrete. At its base, it is as broad as the Cheops Pyramid and twice as high and voluminous. The dam holds 400 million cubic meters of water, producing 1600 million kilowatt hours of electricity.


Evolène is one of the Valaisian villages defined by great ambiance and authenticity. It has numerous block buildings with several floors. No less than 250 kilometers of hiking paths and more than 100 kilometers of mountainbike trails surround the village in the center of the valley. Arolla, at the back of the valley, is a place of tranquility in the midst of Swiss pine forests and an imposing glacial world. It is the starting point for extensive mountain and climbing tours.


Grande Dixence Dam, which has a height of 285 meters, is the world’s highest dam. In summer, there are one-hour sightseeing tours in the interior of the dam. The Rock Pyramids of Euseigne - a natural phenomenon, caused by the erosion of the moraine, of which only columns remain are protected by large stone blocks. Nax - a vacation village on a high plateau above the Rhone Valley at the eastern valley entrance of Val d'Hérens. The village has many typical wooden houses, and a family friendly skiing area at Mont Noble. Les Haudères - a lovely hamlet with an especially large number of well maintained wooden houses.

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