Cabane Rambert CAS


Ovronnaz, Morthey

Ovronnaz, Morthey

Les Mayens de Chamoson

Les Mayens de Chamoson

Located at 2,582 meters on the hiking loop "Tour des Muverans", between Derborence and Ovronnaz, the hut offers an unbelievably deep view, even by night, into the Rhone Valley. There are 44 beds with woollen blankets.

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Cabane Rambert is manned in summer. In front of the original Swiss Alpine Club's stone house, which has red and white shutters, there is a terrace offering a panoramic view toward the south. Access is directly from Ovronnaz, the hike takes 4 hours. The 5-hour hike from Pont de Nant is a little more exposed.


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