Binn Valley


The Binn Valley in Upper Valais is a wild and romantic side valley of Goms. The valley is a paradise for nature lovers and in particular for those in seek of minerals and precious mountain crystals. Hikers, too, discover this remote valley to be a worthwhile destination for an interesting visit.

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Since the 18th century the Binn Valley, which branches off direction south from Goms at the height of Fiesch, is a known place owing to the large number of diverse minerals found here. Many a first discovery stems from this particular spot. And anyone who walks with open eyes through the valley, not only witnesses a wealth of different flora and fauna but, with a bit of luck, is likely to take a colorful stone or possibly even a crystal home with them as fond memory of their visit. Typical finds in this area are exhibited along the geology trail from Imfeld to the Lengenbach mineral mine. The mineral mine also attracts families with children, as these are often in seek of what’s commonly known as "fool's gold". The valley and village of Binn, connected courtesy of PostBus services, have only been accessible year-round since the construction of the road tunnel in 1965. The only hotel in the valley, the historic and carefully restored Hotel Ofenhorn in Binn, was built in Belle Epoque style way back in 1883. First guests welcomed here were chiefly from England – one of whom Winston Churchill, who of course later became Prime Minister. On the southern slope of Goms, at the entrance to the Binn Valley, lays the mountain village of Ernen. A neat little village, with the parish church visible from afar, in fact awarded a prize for its particularly well-preserved village image. Here, since more than 25 years, annual concerts and master classes with renowned names in classical music have taken place in the "Music Village" Ernen. The hospitable village of Binn with its tanned wooden houses is starting point for many an attractive hike. 150 km of marked hiking trails lead through the valley and on the "Great Walser Trail" towards Zermatt or via Italy to Ticino. Eggerhorn is the vantage point of the valley and, following a challenging ascent, splendid panoramic views are yours to enjoy from the summit. Another pleasurable way to experience this mountain world is also mule trekking.


• Lengenbach mineral mine, by Imfeld in the Binn Valley. One of Europe’s richest mineral sites – for  serious collectors as well as fun family outings.
• Hotel Ofenhorn in Binn - carefully restored historic Belle Epoque hotel where Winston Churchill once stayed.
• Musical village of Ernen - Master classes by the pianist and music Teacher Prof. György Sebök and the Festival of the Future initiated in 1987 have made the mountain village a known name way beyond country borders.
• Goms - mountain valley in Upper Valais with picturesque villages clustered around white churches. In winter one of the most beautiful cross-country skiing areas in Switzerland.
• Eggishorn in Fiesch - magnificent panoramic views over the Aletsch Glacier and Fiesch Glacier from the 2926-meter-high summit.

Top Events

• Mineral show - collectors from near and far present their precious finds of recent years (late July / early August).
• "Festival of the Future" in Ernen - young music talents from all over Europe have been meeting in musical Ernen since 1987 (August).

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