Parco San Grato


At a distance of solely 10 km from Lugano, the San Grato botanical gardens extend from Monte San Salvatore as far as Monte Arbostora. And thanks to their elevated position at 690 meters, visitors enjoy marvellous views of the alpine summits and surrounding region from the attractive park gardens. Here you view the largest collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers on a rambling 62,000 square-meter area.

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The San Grato gardens are on the Arbostora, a hillside above Lake Lugano, in the municipality of Carona, and are reached in 15-20 minutes from Lugano by car. Access to the park is via the so-called Blumenweg (flower trail), leading from the Monte San Salvatore summit through the heart of Carona and finally to the park. The Arbostora is worth a visit for many reasons and, as part of a triangle, is shaped by extraordinary landscapes such as those of the Monte San Giorgio, Monte Generoso and Monte Caslano.

The San Grato botanical gardens present some extraordinarily interesting flora. And during the flowering season rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias in all colours of the rainbow delight the eye as you stroll the park to view them nicely arranged in the magnificent flowerbeds that line the path. A park that certainly earns its place in the register of estimable landscapes, and places and natural monuments of national importance, with stunning all-round views over the bay of Lugano! A previously inhabited place of dwelling is discovered in the park, home today to a restaurant and bar surrounded by a vast forest, inviting you to a little refreshment and pleasant walks.  

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