Gruyères: "in" for 800 years

Fribourg Region

The Counts of Gruyères knew all too well where life could be lived well and you will soon discover this too.

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Your stay here, however, also promises culinary highlights. One, of which is Gruyère cheese, which has been produced here for generations from the raw milk of cows that still know what freedom is. Would you like to know more about this specialty, which carries the region's name around the whole world? 'La Maison du Gruyère (The House of Gruyère)' with its show dairy and many cheese histories is in nearby Pringy. Thanks to ingredients such as the Greyerzer and the Vacherin, Fribourg country is also the birthplace of the cheese fondue. Another thing you may not let escape your notice - the meringues with double cream. They are absolutely legendary. Numerous restaurants invite you to linger on old cobblestones and offer other culinary surprises. La Gruyère, the wide countryside around the car-free little town with the 8th century old castle is a dream for hikers, bikers and discoverers.


Back to the future. Did you know, by the way, that the region inspired artists such as HR.Giger, the Alien creator? Apart from his museum in the little town of Gruyères he set up a bar with fantastic architecture - a sort of mini cathedral in Neo-Gothic style. Why not spend a moment in the company of biomechanical creatures?

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