Juf: West

Juf: West

Juf: Ost

Juf: Ost

Through the Val Ferrera the way leads to Cröt, from where the road winds up to Cresta over numerous bends. Cresta lies at 1,958 meters above sea level and is the main town of the Avers municipality, and Juf is found at the far end of the valley. Europe’s highest permanently inhabited community lies at an altitude of over 2,100 meters above sea level.

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Various high mountain tours, former mountain crossings, the old Averserstrasse and Graubünden’s Walserweg are very popular with hikers. And on the marmot trail, you not only view the little creatures live but gather plenty of interesting background information on these mountain dwellers through various information boards. In addition, by the Valle di Lei reservoir you find Inforama – a facility of the Hinterrhein power plant, where you can learn much about electricity production and the impressive hydropower system.


Andeer thermal baths

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