Salvan/Les Marécottes


After passing through a gorge of 200 meters depth at the entrance to the valley on a spectacular footpath, the holiday village of Salvan can be reached further up on a sunny plateau, and still a little farther away, Les Marécottes. A cable car provides easy access to the hiking and skiing paradise of La Creusaz.

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Whether a relaxing walk, a challenging mountain hike or a tour of several days - in Les Marécottes there’s something for everyone’s taste. The Dailley gorge with its spectacular bridges and passages is easily accessible and provides an opportunity for an unforgettable outing for young and old. The Marconi theme trail and the museum of the same name tell the visitors about the history and discovery of wireless communication. One of the great summer attractions is doubtlessly the alpine zoo, where wolves, foxes, lynxes, black bears, wild boars, chamois, and rare birds can be observed, as well as the natural swimming pool of Les Marécottes, a water basin between ledges of granite.

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