Lake Geneva Region

Vevey: Place du Marché

Vevey: Place du Marché

Vevey: Quai Maria-Belgia

Vevey: Quai Maria-Belgia

Vevey: Hôtel des Trois Couronnes

Vevey: Hôtel des Trois Couronnes

Vevey is one of the “Pearls of the Swiss Riviera”. Its lakeside location with breathtaking views of the Alpine panorama, its extraordinarily mild climate, the vineyards, numerous excursion destinations in the region and proud paddlewheel steamers on the lake characterise this town by Lake Geneva.

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Vevey experienced its first heyday in the belle époch period at the end of the 19th century. Even today, majestic hotels and a flower-bedecked lakeside promenade lined with palm trees continue to serve as reminders of this age. But Vevey is also a modern, regional centre which is headquarters to Nestlé, the international Food and Beverage Group. Its most famous inhabitant was probably the comedian Charlie Chaplin, who spent the last twenty five years of his life here. A monument dedicated to him stands on the lakeshore.


In addition to water sports, the Lake Geneva Riviera is a walker’s and cyclist’s paradise. The region lends itself to exploration by bicycle on various circular routes. A popular downhill route leads from the Les Pléiades ‘lookout’ mountain (1360 m) above Vevey down into the valley. True to its name, the mountain is home to the «AstroPléiades» astronomical trail and an observatory. Les Pléiades with their stunning views across the Waadtland Riviera, Lake Geneva and Alps are also famous for the wild daffodils which flower here on the spring meadows in practically unlimited numbers. A cog railway («Train des Etoiles») leads up from Vevey.

Additional railways operating from Vevey serve to open up its hilly hinterland: a funicular railway runs to Chardonne and to Mont-Pèlerin, a nearby, vista-rich relaxation area. Historic steam locomotives and early electric railcars travel along the museum railway line between Blonay and Chamby. The Chaulin-Chamby depot is home to a small railway museum. And the «vine train» (Train des Vignes) wends its way through the wine-growing region of Lavaux.


  • Vevey Alimentarium – the ‘Alimentarium’ is a Nestlé foundation and presents various aspects of human nutrition in a captivating and interactive manner.
  • Wine road – this themed route with wine-tasting possibilities leads through the sunny vineyard slopes of the Lavaux between Lausanne and Montreux.
  • Train des Vignes – the «vine train» of the SBB travels from Vevey through the wine-growing region of the Lavaux to Puidoux-Chexbres, an ideal starting point for walks through the vineyard slopes.
  • "Train des Etoiles” – the «train of the stars» connects Vevey with the ‘lookout’ mountain Les Pléiades (1360m) offering magnificent views and the opportunity to partake in many activities.
  • Lake promenade – the palm-tree and flower adorned shore way from Vevey to the Chillon castle via Montreux invites visitors to take strolls as well as roller blade along it.
  • Steamer cruise – the in part still paddlewheel driven vessels ferry visitors to the most beautiful places along Lake Geneva.

Top Events

  • Cully Jazz Festival – the spring festival with performances in local wine cellars and congenial bistros has attracted a loyal following (March/April).
  • Street Artists’ Festival – groups present over a hundred street performances on squares in the old town of Vevey (August).

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