Mundaun – attractive ridge and three cable railways

Surcuolm: Amitgs da

Surcuolm: Amitgs da

The winter sports region between Obersaxen and Lumnezia is a popular hiking area in summer, with changing views over the anterior Rhine Valley and as far as Piz Terri.

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The three summits - Piz Mundaun 2064m, Hitzeggen 2112m and Stein 2172m – are all conveniently reached by chairlift from the places Cuolm Sura (Surcuolm), Triel (Lumnezia) and Wali (Obersaxen). Ridge hikes between the stations, to Piz Sezner or the historic Bündnerrigi mountain guesthouse are particularly scenic. The valley stations of these cableways are connected by a handy hiking bus.

A new viewing platform with information boards on Piz Mundaun reveals the names of the mountains that surround you.


Altitude: 2064 – 2172m
With the RhB railway to Ilanz, Postbus to Obersaxen or Vella, hiking bus to the valley stations
View: Over the entire Surselva (anterior Rhine Valley) with Oberalpstock, Bifertenstock, Bündner Vorab, Piz Segnas and Calanda, to Lumnez and the Valsertal valley
Attractions: Ridge-hike between Piz Mundaun and Piz Sezner
Culinary aspects: Piz Mundaun alpine hut, Berggasthaus Triel, Bergrestaurant Wali, Restaurant Chummenbühl and Berggasthaus Bündner Rigi
Overnight stays: Bündner Rigi: Double room with flowing water, on-floor toilets and showers
Groups: Aperitifs on the sun terraces of the mountain restaurants; festive gatherings & events at the Berggasthaus Bündner Rigi
Winter: Winter sports region Obersaxen - Mundaun - Val Lumnezia with 17 sports facilities
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