Simplon Valley - Impressive Trade Route


Simplon connects Brig in Valais with Domodossola in northern Italy. The Simplon region offers hikers a fantastic mountain panorama and an impressive Alpine flora. The hospice is still led today by the monks of St. Bernhard.

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It was the Romans who built the first road across the only 2000 meter high Simplon Pass. The only difficult point on this path was the narrow Gondo Ravine - the merchant Kaspar Jodock von Stockalper built a mule traders' trail through it in the 17th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, the French Emperor Napoleon finally constructed a navigable road.

A mighty hospice replaced the original building, which was established in 1235 by the Order of St. John. After the fall of Napoleon, the hospice was taken over by the monks of St. Bernhard. The high altitude route from Simplon Pass to Simplon village begins here. Theme trails such as the Stockalper Trail, the astronomical observatory and the inoperative gold mines are also well worth a visit.


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    This is an impressive explicit of the ancient trade route of Simplon serving activity of transaction for merchant trader. One Jodock Von Stockalper built trail to facilitate merchant market. Untill French Emperor Napoleon rebuilt it during 19 century. Now, are the merchant still in the interest of the nations' facility to carry out such replica duty of old? I hope so, because the area developed could tell the story further.


    Thursday, Jan 5, 2012 2:00 PM

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