Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein

Frauenfeld: Stadt - 360° Panorama

Frauenfeld: Stadt - 360° Panorama

The Thur is Eastern Switzerland’s predominant river. Coming from Toggenburg, the river flows in a large arc beside the rich cultural and scenic landscapes of the Cantons of St. Gallen and Thurgau and parts of the Canton of Zürich.

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Between Säntis and Churfirsten in the upper Toggenburg region, two source rivers merge at Unterwasser to form the young Thur River. Shortly before the rivers merge, the waters of the Säntisthur rush in two stages into the depths. The Thun Water Falls can be easily explored via bridges, footbridges and tunnels. For over 50 kilometers, up to the historic town of Wil, the river remains loyal to the lush green and dandelion-yellow landscape of Toggenburg.

The baroque Old Town of Bischofszell sits high above the confluence of the rivers Thur and Sitter. The Thur subsequently flows through alluvial forests, past immaculate cultural landscapes with extensive orchards and vineyards, past pretty villages with traditional timber-framed architecture and in the direction of Frauenfeld. The medieval castle with its mighty tower is the landmark of Thurgau’s cantonal capital.

Before the Thur merges with the Rhine, you will find the Thur Meadows, which is Central Switzerland’s largest wetlands, with an area of nearly 400 hectares. Here the Thur has once again acquired a natural riverbed, enabling the river to form meanders and to flood the surrounding meadows when its water level rises. This has created new biotopes for rare animals and plants.


  • Thur Trail – a 60-kilometer hiking trail from Wil to Wildhaus. Especially romantic and panoramic parts are between Ebnat-Kappel and Alt St. Johann
  • Kartause Ittingen – from 1152 an Augustine, later a Carthusian monastery with a richly decorated Rococo church. Today it is a monastery museum and Thurgau’s Art Museum.
  • Canoes and dinghys – in its last section up to its confluence with the Rhine, the Thur is a popular place for water sports enthusiasts.

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