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Hasliberg: Blick auf die Berner Alpen

Hasliberg: Blick auf die Berner Alpen



15-day land only vacation.

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- Experience a flexible program that welcomes explorers of all ages and an exclusive Small Group experience that accommodates a maximum of 28 travelers.
- Unpack but once and relax at the Alpin Sherpa Hotel in the heart of Meiringen and just across the street from the train station — your convenient gateway to the rest of Switzerland.
- Enjoy a comprehensive meal program, including Swiss breakfast and local specialties for dinner each day in the hotel.
- Explore many of Switzerland’s most spectacular destinations with the opportunity to customize the experience with individual activities.
- Journey out by rail, funicular, cable car, lake steamer, bus and mountain lift with an included first-class Swiss Pass.
- Participate on included walks designed for all ages that will inspire you amid stunning Alpine beauty.
- Cruise the tranquil waters of Lake Thun, Lake Brienz and Lake Lucerne, travel to the resort town of Zermatt and admire the towering Matterhorn, and climb aboard the Simplon Alpine railway and visit the Italian towns of Domodossola and lakeside Locarno.
- Learn from local experts who will add an insider’s knowledge to your experience, including lively talks on Swiss history, culture, languages and their unique government.


Day 1: In Transit from North America

Day 2: Meiringen

Day 3: Meiringen/Magisalp/Brienz
Educational Focus: Why Meiringen?

Day 4: Kandersteg/ Oeschinensee
Excursion: Scenic Kandersteg

Day 5: Interlaken
Excursion: Idyllic Interlaken

Day 6: Thun/Berne
Excursion: Transcendent Thun

Day 7: Grindelwald
Excursion: Glittering Grindelwald

Day 8: Meiringen
Independent Exploration

Day 9: Zermatt
Excursion: Zermatt and the Mythic Matterhorn

Day 10: Lucerne
Excursion: At Leisure in Lucerne

Day 11: Domodossola
Excursion: Domodossola

Day 12: Meiringen
Excursion: The Art of Nature

Day 13: Lucerne
Excursion: Luminous Lake Lucerne

Day 14: Meiringen
Excursion: Montreux

Day 15: In Transit
Independent Exploration

Day 16: In Transit
Transfer to the Zürich airport for the return flight to your gateway city.


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