Lucerne - Lake Lucerne Region

Gross Mythen: Grosser Mythen - Schwyz

Gross Mythen: Grosser Mythen - Schwyz

Located in the heart of Central Switzerland, between Schwyz and Einsiedeln, the Mythenregion may be quickly and easily reached from all directions. From Zürich in about 45 minutes and from Lucerne/Zug in 30 minutes.

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The Mythenregion includes Brunni-Haggenegg, Holzegg, Handgruobi-Rotenfluh and Ibergeregg. The region is particularly popular with families in winter and with nature lovers in summer. With its many Alpine inns and restaurants, the region provides good value for money to all those who enjoy their comforts.


The Mythenregion is a diverse area for hikers and climbers. One highlight is the challenging hike up the Grosser Mythen with its impressive 360° panorama. The rope park in Brunni promises plenty of fun and exciting moments for both young (there’s a kids exercise course) and old. And climbers will not want to miss a visit to the Schijen climbing garden on the Ibergeregg.


  • Mythenpark – the fun park with endless obstacles is an extraordinary experience.
  • Kabi Snow Park – where young guests really feel at home.
  • Mythen round trip hike from the Rotenfluh towards Sattel-Hochstuckli – ideal for families, schools and clubs.
  • Breathtaking views on the Grosser Mythen – the efforts of the climb are soon forgotten.

Top Events

  • Handgruobi night sledging – fun for young and old (every Friday and Saturday from the end of December to the start of March).
  • Mythen Style Men – the highlight in the Mythenpark (February).

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