Monte Tamaro


Monte Tamaro is certainly the top biking destination in the Tessin. But road cyclists take note: you haven't missed out on much here.

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The trails are far too technical, far too steep. After all, they have to meet the requirements of the World Championships which were held here in 2003. More experienced bikers, however, can look forward to having the time of their lives. The views from Alp Foppa are quite amazing; the downhill section from Tamaro to Arosio simply beggars description. Even in architectural terms, this circuit of the superlatives has a jewel to offer: the Chiesa di Santa Maria, a spectacular highlight well worth visiting.

Begin and end of tour: Valley station of Monte Tamaro cableway
Technical requirements: extreme
Physical fitness: extreme
Distance: 41.9 km
Total altitude meters: 1640 m
Biking time: 03:30 - 05:00 (hours, minutes)
Elevation start and end of tour: 471 m
Season: June - October
Panorama: Spectacular views of the Leventina and the Sotto Ceneri
Gastronomy: Alpe Foppa, Arosio, Bedano, Taverne, Rivera
Overnight: Alpe Foppa, Tamaro, Arosio, Taverne, Rivera
Various: The chapel of Chiesa di S. Maria degli Angeli on Alpe Foppa mountain. The chapel was designed by Mario Botta.
Access starting point: By train to Rivera
Access point of arrival: Valley station of Monte Tamaro cableway
Literature: Bike-Explorer

Rivera - Monte Ceneri - Alpe Foppa - Capanna Monte Tamaro - Alpe di Torricella - Arosio - Gravesano - Taverne - Torricella - Rivera

From the valley station of the mountain cableway Mt. Tamaro, take the forest trail leading up to Monte Ceneri. This is where the long, stony Alpine path to Mt. Tamaro begins. The upper portion of this path is particularly strenuous. Your efforts will be rewarded at Capanna Mt. Tamaro with one of the most beautiful views of southern Tessin. The actual highlight of the tour begins after the ascent (during which you increased your altitude by over 1700 meters!): the highlight is the long and technique-wise challenging descent down to Arosio. The mountain road with its many curves leads down to Gravesano. You return to your starting point, Rivera, by taking the biking trail through the Valle del Vedeggio.


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