slowUp – the car free adventure days from SwitzerlandMobility


The slowUp recipe is as easy said as done! Take a 30k stretch of road in attractive surroundings, lock the car in the garage and enjoy a more leisurely and non-motorized pace together with varied side programme along the very same stretch. Now you have a party like no other: For young and old, singles, couples, families, sport enthusiasts and leisure lovers, who all come together to revel in a happy, carless and carefree ambiance!

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slowUp stretches are as flat as possible, and the distance and speed you opt for is up to you! Recommended is your own muscle power or the use of public transport to get there and back. Participation is free of charge.

The success and story of the slowUp event couldn’t be better. And since the year 2000 start as introductory event – at the Expo.02, slowUp has experienced more than just pleasant growth! Year for year numbers of events and participants increase.... and from a mere idea, a grand national event has been born in the shortest of time! In terms of numbers, we are now talking about over 400,000 people who take part annually in the meanwhile 19 slowUp events (situation in 2014).


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