SUP stands for stand up paddle and is currently a very popular trend on Swiss waters. Accompanied by gentle lapping sounds of the water through rhythmic paddle strokes, feelings of independence and freedom awaken as you glide over waters - as any SUP fan will tell you!

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During the last century, it was surf instructors in Hawaii who discovered that on standing up to paddle one moves very quickly and efficiently through bodies of water - and a new trend was thus born. A trend that has developed into a new recreational sport in the USA and rapidly spread to Europe. With its countless lakes and rivers, Switzerland is naturally a paradise for stand up paddlers. While beginners paddle comfortably across many a lake, more experienced professionals take to fun and action on wilder waters. And whether a tranquil glide over calm early morning waters, a paddling session at noon to compensate a stressful day, or delightful sunset views as you take to the water, SUP is an enriching sport that anyone can take to at any time of day.

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