Vitromusée Romont - Stained Glass Museum


Vitromusée Romont

Vitromusée Romont

The special museum in Romont, the Swiss Glass Museum, exhibits works of art that have been created on and behind glass. The exhibits range from Medieval glass paintings to the art of reverse glass painting. Romont houses the world's largest collection of the latter.

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The art of Glass Painting goes beyond stained glass church windows. From the Middle Ages onward up until today, artists have created diverse types of images on glass that are best enjoyed when held up and viewed against the light.

It is for this reason that many of glass paintings in the medieval castle of Romont have been exhibited in semi-darkness, with light streaming from behind them. And the Swiss Glass Museum has in a similar vein consciously left out information panels to accompany the exhibits, so that the visitor can concentrate fully on viewing the exhibits. Presentations, introductory courses on Glass Art and a research and information center on Glass Painting are also offered by the Glass Museum.

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