Göscheneralp: Gentle Tourism and Hard Granite


Göschenen: Göscheneralp

Göschenen: Göscheneralp

The huge granite rock face that welcomes visitors to this area is the Gotthard Massif.

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The tranquil town of Göschenen is the gateway to the Schöllenen Gorge. Trains and cars descend into the mountain. The mountainscape is a paradise for Alpine hikers and climbers. At Lake Göschenen they will find a mountain idyll: granite walls, Alpine bogs, tranquility and untouched nature. At the Damma Glacier mountain inn there is an opportunity to purchase authentic regional products . Hiking trails wind around the lake and into the mountains. There are five mountain huts operated by the Swiss Alpine Club, overlooking the Sustenhorn, Dammastock and glacier fields. As if tossed there by a careless giant, granite boulders litter the area, interspersed with Alpine flora, such as Alpine roses and wild blueberries. They make great climbing experiences for beginners or for nature photographers. And because the area is committed to ecotourism, it is car-free, but a bus-on-demand will bring guests into this pristine nature paradise.

How to get there:
Drive or take public transportation from Luzern via Gotthard Route to Göschenen/Göschener Alp.

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