"Primeval Landscape at Brecca"


Experience the simple life of a herdsman in unparalleled countryside. A mountain hut provides accommodation and there are a few culinary surprises for you to enjoy! The Brecca Gorge is one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys. Ten thousand years ago glaciers created a fascinating landscape with its own unique appeal. Succumb to the magic of this valley and feel the powers of nature that are at work here. Discover mountains, rocks, animals, plants - but also the ways in which man uses them.

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Mountain huts of St. Antoni-Brecca, Marbach-Brecca, Cerniets
St. Antoni-Brecca mountain hut:
The Armin & Bernadette Rumo-Kolly family welcome you. The mountain hut accommodates up to 22 people. Blankets are available. There is also a children's playground.
Food: various meat dishes, goat¿s cheese and "Hobelkäse"(cheese shavings), röschti and fondue.
There is a sink or fountain for guests to wash in, and a flushing toilet.

Marbach-Brecca mountain hut:

Alfons Mauron and Lotti Heim welcome you to Marbach-Brecca. The mountain hut sleeps 10. Sleeping bags welcome. Dogs are not welcome here. There is a fountain for guests to wash in, and there is even still an outhouse.
Food: röschti, BBQs, "Älplermakaronen"(pasta and cheese dish), goat's cheese, honey, fondue.

Cerniets mountain hut:
Elmar & Nicole Feyer welcome you to the Cerniets mountain hut. The hut can accommodate 17 people.
Sleeping bags recommended.
There is a fountain for guests to wash in, and there is also an outhouse.
Food: goat's cheese, fondue, raclette and other dishes.


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