Untersee - Hochrhein

Schönbühl Essen Tagungen Fest

Schönbühl Essen Tagungen Fest

Schaffhausen - Vordergasse

Schaffhausen - Vordergasse

Lake Untersee and the stretch of the Rhine known as the Hochrhein form a scenically magnificent lake and river landscape that has largely maintained its original character, and has much to tell us about cultural history.

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This region, which features in the Federal Inventory of Landscapes, Sites, and Natural Monuments of National Importance (BLN), extends from Konstanz via Schaffhausen to Eglisau. Although the natural landscape is no longer fully intact, substantial tracts of countryside have been preserved. At the confluence of the Thur and the Rhine, for example, there is a forest containing numerous species of oak with a vitally important population of the endangered Middle Spotted Woodpecker. A signposted cycle trail, a hiking route and even a canoe course will take you through or along this natural spectacle. By the wayside, gorgeous well-preserved villages and small towns invite you to linger awhile: the historic town of Stein am Rhine and Steckborn village are just two examples.

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