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The Hergiswil Glassworks have been located at Lake Lucerne since 1817. At that time, the Glassworks were a production site with ideal transportation routes for wood fuel and goods. The tradition of craftsmanship continues to live on within the framework of modern design. The exhibition recounts the history of glass and the Hergiswil Glassworks. Visitors can observe the glassblowers working at the furnace.

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The Hergiswil Glassworks has been in operation since 1817. The Siegwart brothers found an excellent location here for transporting hydroelectric power and merchandise. In 1975 the glassworks were scheduled for closure.
Automated glass production abroad almost forced the owners out of business. The glass producers, the town of Hergiswill and above all Roberto Niederer saved the works from closure. The artisan tradition was revived and combined with the now prevalent design. Today over 100 glassmakers are employed at the Glassworks.

Museums and Exhibitions
The exhibition “Formed by Fire” tells the story of glassmaking and of the Hergiswil Glassworks. Visitors are guided through a labyrinth of scenes by light and sound. The decorated sets of the individual rooms reflect the development of the craft in the Hergiswil Glassworks and the economic ups and downs of the company. One can watch the glassmakers as they produce the glass at the furnace, before continuing the tour through the exhibits “Glass Archives,” “Phenomenal Glass,” "ecnirP and ssecnirP" and "Flüeliglas".

Glass Labyrinth
This is an accessible and moving experience for the visitor that expresses the fascination associated with glass. Visitors are not just viewers - they are participants who immerse themselves in a world of glass.

In the Hergiswil Glassworks on Lake Lucerne, near the City of Lucerne, Switzerland’s first glass labyrinth has opened its doors. In an area spread over 99 square meters, visitors are guided by ultramodern light and sound effects along 77 glass panels. After entering this palace of glass the eyes need some time to get used to the dim light refracted in the glass walls. As the visitors head for the exit, they take care not to bump into anything. This work of art, which consists of light, sound and illusion, is an impressive experience. A tour takes from seven to fifteen minutes.
The entrance fee is CHF 5. Slippers and gloves for the tour are available at the ticket counter. 

Alex Schmid built the 7-meter-high ball path from countless glasses taken from the Glassworks’ collection. A long slide, a large quartz sandbox and a variety of water games offer delightful adventures for children.


Guided tours are arranged free of charge for groups of ten or more, upon reservation. Duration: 90 minutes. No reservation is required for small groups or individual visitors.

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Try your hand at glass blowing
Visitors can learn to blow glass. In a special small oven in the visitors’ gallery, glass is smelted just like in the large furnace. A glassmaker takes the liquid glass with a pipe out of the oven, forms a ball and readies it for blowing. Now the visitor can blow his own ball of glass. After a cooling period of 15 minutes, one can take the self-made souvenir home.

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