Via Valtellina

Selfranga: Klosters - Sportzentrum Klosters

Selfranga: Klosters - Sportzentrum Klosters

The Via Valtellina is an exemplary cultural route project that combines the pleasure of walking along a historical route with opportunities to enjoy its many cultural attractions.

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The tour leads from Tirano in Italy through the Val de Poschiavo, over the Bernina Pass, through the Engadine and over the Scaletta Pass to Davos. From there it continues to Klosters and over the Schlappiner Joch to Schruns in Austria. The wine merchants’ trail from Montafon into the Veltlin can also be accomplished by mountain-bike, and hikers can complete other legs of the journey either by public transport or even on horseback.

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The careful planning of a tour will ensure that you also derive the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it. Please take the time to contact the local information centre and enquire about route and weather conditions before setting off. Your intended trail may be fully or partially closed, depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

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