Blachtaboda / valley piste


Splügen: Historischer Dorfkern - Centro Storico

Splügen: Historischer Dorfkern - Centro Storico

Splügen: Tanatzhöhe Skigebiet

Splügen: Tanatzhöhe Skigebiet

Covering a relatively compact area, the network of pistes at the Splügen ski resort is quite diverse. The ski area around this traditional mountain pass village is also suitable for families and beginners. The downhill run from Tanatzhöhi to the village features a variety of contrasts.

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The downhill run from the Tanatzhöhi gondola top station to Splügen has two quite different aspects to it. The upper part runs along the Blachtaboda piste that leads to the middle station. This black-marked and demanding piste is located on steep Alpine terrain. The lower part forms a leisurely contrast: the valley piste - a homologated FIS ski piste - runs through a large forest clearing toward the village. On certain days it is lit up at night.


Starting point: Tanatzhöhe (2144 m a.s.l.)

Accessibility of starting point: mountain train

Destination: valley station (1480 m a.s.l.)

Length: 2.5 km

Altitude difference: 664 Meter

Level of difficulty: difficult (normal slope)

Food and beverages: at the end

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