Berghaus Val Sinestra, 1470m


Sent: wochenweise mieten - Scuo Engadin

Sent: wochenweise mieten - Scuo Engadin

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Culinary Delights

This restaurant is open in daytime and offers a short menu of Bündner specialties: Bündner barley soup, Bündner platter, and home-baked nut cake. Cheese Fondue, Chinese Fondue, Indian specialties and Spaghetti Party upon reservation.


In the middle of a scenic valley defined by romantic wilderness. Can only be reached by foot or horse-drawn carriage. Stylish former Kurhaus (built at the beginning of the 19th century).


Height: 1470 m a.s.l.

Local place name: Sent

Winter Hiking Trail
Horse-drawn sledge/carriage

Winter Hiking:
from Sent 1h15
from Barièrre at the edge of the forest. 0h45

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