Sacred Mountain and Santa Maria Addolorata Church


Brissago: Baustelle der Luxusimmobilien - Residenza Lago Maggiore

Brissago: Baustelle der Luxusimmobilien - Residenza Lago Maggiore

The Sacred Mountain (Sacro Monte) consists of the pilgrimage church of Santa Maria Addolorata and the Way of the Cross leading from Brissago up the hill to this church.

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A.F. Branca, the owner of Palazzo Branca (today: Baccalà), had a church built between 1767 and 1773. The path to the Sacred Mountain, which is surrounded by a forest, is still very impressive, although it has lost the wild, dramatic character of bygone times.

The ascent starts at Via Gerusalemme, which leads to the baroque chapel of the Annunciata. The church is reached by the Way of the Cross, whose chapels were adorned on the inside with frescoes by Fra Roberto Pasotti in 1999-2000. You can also hike the "Sentiero del mulino" (Path of the Mill) in the valley basin. It turns into the Via Crucis at the Tenth Station, near the church.

The baroque-style building complex includes the pilgrimage church and the former rectory. The rich décor, stucko work, window forms and painting frames form a harmonious overall impression. The high altar, built in 1773 from multicolored marble, is adorned on its sides with the coats of arms of the Branca Family. From the years 1975-2000 the entire complex was restored.

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