Fribourg – the city of Saint Nicholas


Every year, on the first weekend in December, the whole canton of Fribourg dedicates a special event to the celebration of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of the city of Fribourg.

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The Saint Nicholas Celebration is firmly rooted in Fribourg’s customs. In the late afternoon, Saint Nicholas rides through the streets on a donkey and together with his Helpers hands out gingerbread to the children. At the end of the procession, Saint Nicholas gives a speech analyzing the events of the past year. After the procession there is a market with sweets and handicrafts.

In the 4th century, Saint Nicholas was Bishop of Myra (Turkey) and distinguished himself by altruism. He is considered to be the patron of sailors and children as well as one of the most popular saints in the Orient and Occident. And, he is the patron of the city and the canton of Fribourg.

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