White Turf St. Moritz




Guests from all over the world are delighted by the fine thoroughbreds from all over Europe and international jockeys who take part in the races at White Turf St. Moritz. On three Sundays in February, more than 35,000 spectators flock to the frozen expanse of the Lake of St. Moritz to witness the excitement and entertainment of the races against the magnificent backdrop of the mountains of the Engadine.

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Races run at a gallop, across hurdles, or at a canter plus skikjöring – invariably a favourite with the crowds – alternate at 30-minute intervals: The galloped events include not just the 1,300-m sprint, but other distances, too, while those who prefer to canter have 1,700 m.

Skikjöring – the only race of its kind in the world
The Credit Suisse skikjöring races, where men on skis are pulled along a 2,700-m-long track by unsaddled thoroughbreds at speeds of up to 50 km/h, is exclusive to White Turf and invariably has the crowds in raptures. Physical fitness and strength, to say nothing of skiing skills and above all courage are crucial in determining which of the entrants, having collected the most points on all three Sundays, can claim the title of “King of the Engadine”. Since 2016, the skikjöring races have been culminating in a very special event. For Credit Suisse, the leading sponsor of White Turf since 1976, the 40-year anniversary of this exceptional partnership was the reason for a lasting symbol: The winner of the day and, naturally, the “King of the Engadine” not only receive prize money. They are additionally honoured with an anniversary trophy, the so-called “Credit Suisse King’s Cup”, created by Aubry Broquard, two young Swiss artists.

Live music, exquisite food, art and culture as well as shopping and shows – a fantastic program for the entire family
It pays off to come early to the frozen lake in St. Moritz, even before the start of the races, because from 10:30 a.m. on, a fantastic program will be offered for the entire family on the 130,000 m2 of the tent city on frozen Lake St. Moritz, during and in between the exciting gallop and trotting races, or across hurdles or skikjöring: live music on various stages, delicious food to satisfy any taste, art exhibits and the opportunity to shop, a children’s playground and entertainment. “More than 200 volunteers, locals and guests, famous people from culture, business and politics as well as owners, trainers and jockeys – they all create an exceptional ambiance on the three Sundays in February and make the White Turf event a winter highlight for everyone”, said White Turf CEO Silvio M. Staub

The most generous cash prizes in Switzerland
With prize monies totalling approximately half a million Swiss francs, White Turf is the most lucrative equestrian event in Switzerland: The “Gübelin Grand Prix de St. Moritz”, for example, which counts as the European Cup on snow, is worth an impressive CHF 111'111 to the winner, making it the most highly prized race in Switzerland.

Top sponsors and international cooperation
White Turf’s two main sponsors of many years’ standing are Credit Suisse and BMW (Switzerland) AG.They both take an active role in the social part of this sports event and use it as a platform for their clients. The motivation of the two main sponsors, the contributions of the various race sponsors, the support of the town of St. Moritz and the tourism organisation Engadin St. Moritz, make it possible to add new and innovative aspects to this winter event which is known far beyond the Swiss borders. The partner network with well-known international race courses, such as Berlin-Hoppegarten and Mauritius as well as the “Wrocław race course“ in Poland and the “Türkiye Jokey Kulübü“ in Istanbul add considerably to this. These partnerships are not based on the sport alone. They also focus on cultural events and the promotion of tourism.

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