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Amenities Simplon Dorf

last updated: June 17, 2011

Resort information / access  
Altitude Town / Resort 1450 m
Inhabitants - total: 350
Country side  X 
In the mountains  X 
Accessible by public bus  X 
Accessible by private car  X 
Distance to Intl. Airport  
max. 2 h  
Lodging all year round  
Hotels / Pensions - total number of establishments: 10
Hotels / Pensions - total number of beds: 500
Holiday apartments and chalets - total beds: 50
Group lodging - total beds: 400
Bed-and-Breakfast  X 
Mountain hut / Alpine hut  X 
Culture / Entertainment all year round  
Permanent exhibition  X 
City-tour, organized, on foot  X 
Other information all year round  
Good to Know Motorradsegnung Simplonpass, jeweils am 1. Sonntag im Mai. Handwerk in der Stazüna am Dorfplatz: Holzminiaturen, Weben, Tschiffra, Glockenriemen usw. Jeden Mittwoch- und Freitagnachmittag von Juli bis September offen.
Hobby-courses summer and/or winter (course language): Astronomie, GPS Meteorologie
Congress center - capactiy of biggest hall - number of persons: 200
Highlight / Special offers Summer:  
Top News / Special offers summer Ausstellung "Fort Gondo" mit Führung. Ausstellung "100 Jahre Simplontunnel" und Geo Chavez im Ecomuseum "Alter Gasthof" in Simplon Dorf
Resort area / Transport installations in summer  
Altitude of tourist region from 855 m
Altitude of tourist region, up to 2005 m
Sports and Wellness in summer  
Hiking trails in summer 200 km marked
Walking trails, flat (wheelchair, pushchair) 10 km
Climbing wall, marked / Via Ferrata  X 
Freestanding rock-climbing facilities  X 
Other information for summer  
Natural sights: Moorlandschaft Simplonpass Gondoschlucht
Cultural sights: ViaStockalper Ecomuseum
Technical sights: Napoleonstrasse Nationalstrasse Brückenbau
Nature / adventure trails on the theme: ViaStockalper Rundweg Bergalpe
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Top News / New infrastructure winter  
Top News winter: Swiss Snowkiting School Simplonpass
Winter sports area / Transport installations in winter  
Name of winter sports area: Nordisch Simplonpass
Altitude of alpine ski area, from 1800 m
Altitude of alpine ski area, up to 2200 m
Skilifts - total: 1
Cross-country skiing / winter hiking  
Cross-country skiing - info phone: 079 444 75 28
Altitude of cross-country ski area, from 1900 m
Altitude of cross-country ski area, up to 2100 m
Cross-country skiing slopes, classic 5 km local
Skating slopes 5 km
Winter hiking trails 5 km marked and prepared
Highest winter hiking trail 1850 m
Snowshoe trail 5 km marked
Other information for winter  
"""Other """"in"""" sports (winter):""" Snowkiting
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