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last updated: July 22, 2010

Resort information / access  
Altitude Town / Resort 1350 m
Inhabitants - total: 4761
Country side  X 
In the mountains  X 
Accessible by train / narrow-gauge train / mountain railway  X 
Accessible by public bus  X 
Accessible by private car  X 
Distance to Intl. Airport  
max. 3 h  
Lodging all year round  
Hotels / Pensions - total number of establishments: 65
Hotels / Pensions - total number of beds: 2463
Holiday apartments and chalets - total beds: 17634
Group lodging - total beds: 2725
Youth hostel  X  Member SYH
Backpacker / Low-Budget Hotel  X 
Mountain hut / Alpine hut  X 
Sport and Wellness all year round  
Fitness trail / Vita-Parcours  X 
Finnish runway / ash trail  X 
Culture / Entertainment all year round  
Concerts, regularly organized  X 
City-tour, organized, on foot  X 
Families / children - all year round  
Quality label 'Families Welcome'  X 
Other information all year round  
Good to Know The sun-kissed Goms is situated between the passes Furka, Grimsel, Nufenen and 24 km long Aletsch glacier. In the colder part of the year cross-country ski tracks and varied ski slopes await you. Snowshoe trails, winter hiking paths and sledge-runs complement the possibilities in this winter paradise. In the summer the landscape along the young Rhone invites you to long walks or bike-rides. Or perhaps you would like to take part in a mineral excursion and return home stone-rich? Or perhaps y
Congress center - capactiy of biggest hall - number of persons: 250
Mountain railways - info phone: 027 970 10 70
Highlight / Special offers Summer:  
Top News / Special offers summer Snowshoeing, the most original kind of locomotion in winter, has become very popular again in recent years. And that is not surprising because snowshoeing provides for fitness in winter, adventure in the snow and relaxation out in the open. And the best part of it: snowshoeing can be done by anyone who can hike.
Resort area / Transport installations in summer  
Altitude of tourist region from 1045 m
Altitude of tourist region, up to 4274 m
Local transport installations in summer - total: 5
Highest point reached via transport installations in summer 2927 m
Cogwheel trains in summer - total: 2
Funiculars in summer - total: 0
Cable-cars in summer - total: 3
Gondolas in summer - total: 0
Chairlifts in summer - total: 2
Sports and Wellness in summer  
Hiking trails in summer 700 km marked
Nordic Walking/Running 160 km
Walking trails, flat (wheelchair, pushchair) 60 km
Biking trails within Destination 40 km marked
Mountainbike slopes 400 km marked
Downhill bike slopes 2 km marked
Obstacle course for bikes  X 
Biking in Switzerland, town/resort along the way  X 
Beach volleyball terrain, public 3 Number
Local summer ski slopes 0 km marked and prepared
Cross-country skiing slope in summer 0 km
Riding trails 0 km marked
Climbing wall, marked / Via Ferrata  X 
Freestanding rock-climbing facilities  X 
Roller and Skating slopes 2 km marked
Devalkart slope 0 m length
Trottinherbe slope 2200 m length
"""Other """"in"""" sports (summer):""" Gleitschirmflüge, River Rafting, Fun Yak, Inline Skating, Klettergarten, Golf, Kartbahn, Delta, Fischen, Canyoning, Trottinett
Other information for summer  
Camping ground in summer  X 
Families / children - in summer  
Children's adventure park  X 
Children's animation, organized  X 
Other information for summer  
Natural sights: Aletschgletscher, Eggishorn, Fieschergletscher, Kristallgrotte im Rhonegletscher, Mineraliengrube im Binntal
Cultural sights: Festival der Zukunft (Musikfetival in Ernen), Kulturweg "altes Lax", Alp- und Landwirtschaftsmuseum in Bellwald, Kristallmuseum in Obergesteln, Mineralienmuseum in Binn, Kirchen aus der Barockzeit, Ortschaft mit dem ältesten Dorfkern in Holzbauweise der Schweiz in Mühlebach, Kulturmuseum in Bodmen, Korn- und Stadelmuseum in Obergesteln, Regionalmuseum in Binn, Jost Sigristenhaus Ausstellung in Ernen, Kirchenmuseum in Ernen
Technical sights: Gommer Kraftwerk
Nature / adventure trails on the theme: Mineralienexkursion in Binn, Geologischer Lehrpfad in Binn, Kräuterlehrpfad in Ernen, Märliweg in Bellwald, Kulturweg in Bellwald, Gogwärgiweg (Zwergenweg) in Fiesch, Kneippweg in Blitzingen, Lehrpfad vom Gletscher zum Wasser auf der Fiescheralp, Naturpfad Gletsch in Gletsch, Lebensweg Cäsar Ritz in Niederwald, Naturlehrpfad in Reckingen
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Top News / New infrastructure winter  
Top News winter: Nordisches Zentrum Ulrichen mit Garderoben, Schliessfächer, Duschen, WC und Wachsraum. Bellwald besitzt eine neue 4er Sesselbahn ab dem Winter 2009/10. 2 neue Schneeschuhtrails in Fiesch und mehrere wunderschöne Trails auch in Ernen und Binn.
Live Cams  
Live Cam 1
Live Cam 2
Winter sports area / Transport installations in winter  
Name of winter sports area: Goms
Altitude of alpine ski area, from 1050 m
Altitude of alpine ski area, up to 2927 m
Ski bus  X 
Subregional transport installations - total: 45
Highest point reached via transport installations in winter 2927 m
Cable-cars - total: 8
Snow conveyor - number: 5
Cogwheel trains - total: 0
Funiculars - total: 0
Gondolas - total: 4
Chairlifts - total: 8
Skilifts - total: 20
Babylift - Number: 5
Alpine Skiing  
Point of measure ski area top 2212 m
Number of slopes: 100
Downhill slopes in local ski area with snow canons 52 km
Alpine ski area with skipass subregion 145 km
Slopes for night skiing, illuminated 2 km
Level of difficulty of slopes 25 % beginners
Level of difficulty of slopes 55 % intermediates
Level of difficulty of slopes 20 % advanced
Snow-/Boardercross slopes - total: 0
Snow-/Boardercross slopes 0 km marked
Fun / Obstacle or Snowboard Park - total: 2
Snow canons for snowboardpark  X 
Halfpipes - total: 0
Lowest Snowboardpark 2100 m
Highest Snowboardpark 2400 m
Lift for Snowboardpark  X 
Cross-country skiing / winter hiking  
Cross country comments Loipe Goms - einzigartig in der Schweiz Die Loipe Goms zählt zu den Top-Langlaufgebieten der Schweiz. Schneesicher und sonnenverwöhnt präsentiert sich das Hochplateau auf einer Höhe von durchschnittlich 1'350 m.ü.M. zwischen Niederwald und Oberwald mit einem Loipennetz von über 80 Kilometer.
Cross-country skiing - info phone: +41 (0)27 974 68 68
Altitude of cross-country ski area, from 1250 m
Altitude of cross-country ski area, up to 1350 m
Cross-country skiing slopes, classic 82 km local
Skating slopes 82 km
Cross-country skiing slope, illuminated at night 3 km
Dog slopes 2 km marked
Winter hiking trails 73 km marked and prepared
Highest winter hiking trail 1250 m
Snowshoe trail 27 km marked
Winter Nordic Walking Trails 0 km marked
Tobogganing installations - total: 9
Tobogganing installations - total length:m 16000
Total difference in altitude of all installations 840 m
Tobogganing trails total 16000 m marked
Tobogganing by night, illuminated 1500
Public transportation to tobogganing installation  X 
Toboggan rental possible  X 
Families / children - in winter  
Children's snowpark, maintained  X 
Children's animation, public  X 
Children's day-care, organized  X 
Other information for winter  
Camping ground in winter  X 
Excursions on a horse-drawn sleigh, organized  X 
Excursions with sleigh dogs, organized  X 
Snowkiting  X 
"""Other """"in"""" sports (winter):""" .
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