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last updated: November 29, 2012

Resort information / access  
Altitude Town / Resort 533 m
Inhabitants - total: 15574
City  X 
By a lake  X 
In the mountains  X 
Accessible by train / narrow-gauge train / mountain railway  X 
Accessible by public bus  X 
Accessible by private car  X 
Local bus with regular schedule (all year round)  X 
Distance to Intl. Airport  
max. 2 h  
Lodging all year round  
Hotels / Pensions - total number of establishments: 6
Hotels / Pensions - total number of beds: 234
Holiday apartments and chalets - total beds: 3
Bed-and-Breakfast  X 
Backpacker / Low-Budget Hotel  X 
Castle with lodging possibility  X 
Sport and Wellness all year round  
Fitness trail / Vita-Parcours  X 
Culture / Entertainment all year round  
Concerts, regularly organized  X 
Other information all year round  
Hobby-courses summer and/or winter (course language): 1. Aslec (Association sierroise de loisirs et culture) 2. Université Populaire Sierre. 3. Association Chippiart,Chippis. Tél +41(0)79 390 81 44
Congress center - capactiy of biggest hall - number of persons: 360
Highlight / Special offers Summer:  
Top News / Special offers summer The Wine Way connect the Castle Villa in Sierre and the Vine and Wine Museum in Salgesch.
Resort area / Transport installations in summer  
Altitude of tourist region from 530 m
Altitude of tourist region, up to 799 m
Funiculars in summer - total: 1
Sports and Wellness in summer  
Hiking trails in summer 50 km marked
Biking trails within Destination 120 km marked
Biking in Switzerland, town/resort along the way  X 
Beach volleyball terrain, public 1 Number
Roller and Skating slopes 15 km marked
"""Other """"in"""" sports (summer):""" golf, indoor golf, canyoning, rafting de plaisance, deltaplane, tir à l'arc, paint-ball, saut à l'élastique, tyrolienne, aérosphère, salto trampoline, piscine couverte et en plein air, etc...
Other information for summer  
Camping ground in summer  X 
Families / children - in summer  
Children's animation, organized  X 
Other information for summer  
Natural sights: 1. Le Parc Naturel de Finges 2. La pinède de Planige, Venthône 3. Le lac de Géronde 4. La réserve naturelle de Pouta Fontana, Grône
Cultural sights: Châtau Mercier, Château de Villa, Château de Venthône, Château de Muzot, Musée valaisan de la Vigne et du Vin, Maison de Courten, Musée Olsommer
Technical sights: Oenothèque et Sensorama du Château de Villa, visite de caves
Nature / adventure trails on the theme: 1. Sentier viticole, Sierre-Salgesch 2. Chemin du vignoble, Corin-Salgesch 3. Sentier du lézard vert, Salgesch 4. Parcours nature de l'engoulevent à Planige, Venthône 5. Les chemins de la transhumance, Miège, Salgesch
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Top News / New infrastructure winter  
Top News winter: The skating rink in the open air on the Bellevue Plain accomodates you free during all of winter.
Live Cams  
Live Cam 1
Live Cam 2
Detailed local Weather Link
Cross-country skiing / winter hiking  
Winter hiking trails 50 km marked and prepared
Families / children - in winter  
Children's animation, public  X 
Other information for winter  
"""Other """"in"""" sports (winter):""" patinage, hockey sur glace, deltaplane, paint-ball, piscine couverte, tennis, badminton, etc...
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