Blenio Valley (Valle di Blenio)


Campo Blenio

Campo Blenio

The Blenio Valley in northern Ticino extends from the Lukmanier Pass (1914 meters above sea level) down the valley to Biasca. In summer, hikers encounter well preserved old villages and art treasures on the valley trail from Biasca via Acquarossa to Olivone. The valley also offers a broad spectrum of cultural offerings, including a large number of museums and churches.

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The Lukmanier Pass leads from the Blenio Valley to Disentis/Sedrun in Graubünden’s Hinterrhein Valley (Lower Rhine Valley); it is nowadays passable all year. The valley, with its roads over the Passo del Sole, Greina and Diesrut Pass, is among the Alpine routes that have been used for centuries. Although it is in a rather barren mountain world, the Blenio Valley has an almost southern character: even wine-growing has a long tradition here. The mountain farmers have turned the wild valley into a scenic jewel. Tasting some of the farmers’ delicious specialties is worth your while.

The valley has multifaceted cultural offerings. Among them the Museum of Blenio in Lottigna and the Cà da Rivöi in Olivone (ethnology; sacred art), the Chocolate Museum in Dangio, the mineral and fossil collection in Semione, and the Donetta Archives in Casserio/Corzoneso (Photography). There also are masterpieces of the Romanesque period in Lombardy, which include the church at Negrentino.


No less than 500 kilometers of hiking trails and numerous bicycle routes traverse the Blenio Valley. Along the valley road from Biasca via Acquarossa to Olivone you will see well-preserved villages and treasures of art history. After exploring the valley you will be well prepared for the 4-day hike on the “Sentiero alto” (”High Path”) from Olivone to Loderio.

The resort town of Olivone, located at a scenic spot at the foot of the pyramid-shaped Sosto (2221 meters above sea level), is the starting point for excursions and hiking tours to the pristine Val di Campo, to the Reservoir Lake at Luzzone, and to the impressive wasteland on the Greina Plateau. Continuing in the direction of Lukmanier, you will reach the ecology center “UomoNatura” in Acquacalda, where a bed and breakfast hotel and a restaurant are found.

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