Adventure Park Neuhausen

Nauhausen am Rheinfall

Laufen: Rheinfall

Laufen: Rheinfall

Neuhausen am Rheinfall: Blick Richtung Nordosten

Neuhausen am Rheinfall: Blick Richtung Nordosten

Unforgettable adventure in the treetops with breathtaking views directly over the Rheinfall.

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1/2 day

10 - 100



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There’s no end of thrills for children of at least 4 years of age, and of course all other adventurers, with over 140 adventure-packed parcours to complete. Balancing from tree to tree on 11 diverse parours, free falls with soft landings from an over 12 meter-high platform and more excitement is in store; all truly safe thanks to the "Powerfan" safety belt developed in Switzerland.

The first Powerfan in Switzerland!

Free falling direction earth is an incredible feeling topped with a gentle landing. This high-tech machine presents a crowning finish to the red (from 14 years of age) or black (from 16 years of age) parcours.


  • Good sturdy footwear is a must – and open sandals at the back not permitted! li>
  • Standing-up hair is also not permitted (tangling threat with the rope pulley) and must be kept in place either with a hairband or cap etc..
  • Clothing adapted to weather conditions – waterproof by light drizzle.

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