Derborence - Mountain Lake formed by Landslides


Derborence Lake was created as a result of a massive landslide near Sion in the 18th century. The eponymous valley is a nature reserve with a pristine beauty that fascinates geologists, botanists and nature lovers alike.

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Two immense landslides occurred in the years 1714 and 1749 at the Diablerets. At the time these mountains were called Rochers or Scex de Champ, and the landslides were considered to be works of the devil. The mountains were consequently renamed Diablerets, Devils Mountains. The 100 meter high mounds of debris served as a dam, resulting in the creation of a lake. For a long time the lake was considered to be cursed - nature was thus left to its own devices and was able to reconquer terrain.

Today the pristine Derborence Valley is a nature reserve, and the old forest that arose on the debris mounds is especially important. The valley can be reached from Conthey via a small road. Derborence inspired the Vaudois author Charles Ferdinand Ramuz to write a novel of the same name.

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    Hastings Family from Scotland

    Wow! What a find Derborence was for us. This is a truly stunning valley, worth every hairpin corner and hairy 300m drop-offs off the side of the spectacular road to get to. Derborence Lake itself is so beautiful and the surrounding 8,000ft peaks and sheer, walls of rock virtually circle it. Make sure you walk round the lake itself and you`ll see the stunning river coming out of the lake, framed by pine trees, with the mountains behind. There`s even a small hotel and cafe with an outdoor terrace overlooking the lake, though we enjoyed a picnic at the side of the lake. We have seen a lot of the world but this is truly one of the most special and unspoilt places we`ve ever seen. Go, but make sure you don`t tell anyone!

    Friday, Jul 19, 2013 11:49 PM

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    Sunday, Jul 24, 2011 1:49 PM

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    othmar knüsel

    beim cumulus angebot von migros: was kostet das arrangement im Hotel Alpadze Lou Kra im Val-d'Illiez für 3 Nächste in der Zeit vom 18.7. bis 11.9.2011 im Einbettzimmer?

    Monday, Jul 18, 2011 6:16 PM

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