Discover Switzerland by bike

Diverse organisations in Switzerland permit you, in an easy and uncomplicated way, renting bikes around the clock in order to discover the countries’ scenic landscapes, historic towns, or simply for getting from A to B the environmentally friendly way!

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Rent a bike
Rent a bike is Switzerland’s largest rentals company. 4,500 diverse types of bike stand at the ready at 200 rental stations. Unique is the fact that you can also deposit the bike at a railway station other than the one you rented the bike from! And thanks to the dense network and Rent a Bike’s flexible logistics, it’s as easy as pie to arrange diverse tours to all corners of the country.

At the (E) BikeSharing stations, bicycles and E-bikes can be rented around the clock thanks to self-service. This service also provides you the opportunity to rent a bike from one station and deposit it at another on reaching your destination. With the aid of a customer card, customers gain access to all two-wheelers at the various stations in self-service mode.

Schweizrollt (rolling Switzerland!)
Züri rollt, Bern rollt, Thun rollt, Neuchâtel roule, Genève roule and Valais roule are all rolling offers of the places named, offering both locals and tourists attractive City-bike and E-bike offers. Borrowing a bike at these places requires no membership card, is easy to do, free of charge and the service personally run.

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