Hell Grottoes Caves


Baar: Schwimmbad Lättich

Baar: Schwimmbad Lättich

Discover the world's most amazing stalactite caves in Lorzentobel near Baar. Young and old are enchanted by fairy-tale rock formations in the Hell Grottoes Caves.

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6,000 years old – but with a modern presentation. Unique, fabulous and fascinating, this magical underground world is full of small lakes, stalagmites and stalactites. Thanks to cutting-edge LED lighting, visitors can explore the full array of shapes and colours in these natural rock formations. The audioguide, which is perfect for children also, allows you to listen in on the Tüüfeli, the mischievous cave spirit, telling a family just how the caves came to be formed. This dramatised performance full of surprises tells our young cave explorers and more mature grotto fans everything they need to know about the Hell Grottoes Caves.

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