Trottinett Fun in Klosters


Selfranga: Klosters - Sportzentrum Klosters

Selfranga: Klosters - Sportzentrum Klosters

Grab a helmet, on you get��� and off you go! Those who want to explore the region with wind in their ears rent a scooter to make a speedy downhill run from the mountaintop to the valley bottom.

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The fun Scooter ride from Alp Garfiun takes around 30 minutes, presenting an impressive 100-meter drop in altitude. Additionally, the free-ride scooter descent from the Madrisa mountain station to Saas guarantees great fun for big and small as well and���if you���re looking for an ultimate kick, the 5-kilometer-long descent to the Madris valley station with a Monster-Scooter is the thing for you!

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