Heiden Health Trail


Vue depuis l'Hotel Heiden

Vue depuis l'Hotel Heiden

Hotel Heiden, Heiden AR mit Blick über den Bodensee

Hotel Heiden, Heiden AR mit Blick über den Bodensee

This landscape is the perfect setting for a health trail. Here you will experience for yourself the close relationship between nature and medicine. In our hectic and technological world it is so easy to forget our sense of connection with our wonderful bodies. Come on this herbal walk and experience how the finest medicines for our bodies have their source in nature.

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At every turn along the Health Trail you’ll spot these health-giving herbs. In addition, the water, the air and the light will do your health a power of good. Enjoy the beneficial effects of water with an arm bath in a stream or when you walk barefoot over a meadow. Enjoy a brief stop at Bad Unterrechstein where you can view valuable medicinal plants in the herb garden from all over the world. Don’t miss out on the chance to take a mouthful of the natural sulphur-bearing spring water.

There are about 80 information panels along the way with descriptions of all the medicinal plants and their therapeutic uses. A special brochure about the Health Trail is available at the Tourist Information Office in Heiden.


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