Therme Vals


Stafelti: Dachberg

Stafelti: Dachberg

Architects and architecture enthusiasts from all over the world travel to this small village in the small Graubuenden valley. For an extraordinary architect has built a spa resort there, of pure stone, greenish in color, weighing tons. And by the way, the Therme in Vals also happens to be a wellness temple...

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Layered stone upon stone, and presented magnificently with light effects, it was built in harmony with the mountain and the surrounding landscape: the green Therme Vals.The edifice is constructed of 60,000 quartz pieces from the local mountains. Together they form a mystical, sensual and surprisingly light vessel for the thermal waters. Pleasantly warm at 30-degree Celsius, the waters originate in the Valser Valley and are full of healing minerals.

Stone and water at various temperatures (indoor pool 32°C, outdoor pool 30°C to 36°C) and the effect of the light as it changes in the course of the day, turn Therme Vals into a mystical oasis of peace. Blossom bath, sound grotto, cold and fire bath, steam baths and drinking stones are to be found side by side in this building of rock, the first edifice in Switzerland to be designated a protected monument shortly after it opened. Its architect, Peter Zumthor, was awarded the world's most prestigious prize for architecture for this masterpiece.

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