Benedictine Monastery with Black Madonna


Einsiedeln Klosterplatz

Einsiedeln Klosterplatz

Sihlsee nahe Staumauer Einsiedeln

Sihlsee nahe Staumauer Einsiedeln

Pilgrims have been visiting the monastery of Einsiedeln for over 1000 years. The monastery lies in the midst of a breathtaking landscape with a deep blue lake and jagged mountain tops. Today more and more nature lovers and culture-minded visitors are joining the pilgrims.

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The monastery of Einsiedeln was built as a Baroque edifice with four inner courtyards in the 18th century. Before that time Romanesque and Gothic buildings defined the monastery, which was founded by the Benedictine monk Meinrad in the year 835. The Mercy Chapel (Gnadenkapelle), made of black marble, is located in the monastery's church, under a dome with frescoes. The famous Black Madonna dating to the 15th century is found in that chapel.

The monastery complex includes not only the living space for the monks but also a diocese school, ten workshops, a wine cellar for the monastery's own wine and stables for the monastery's own breed of horses. By means of concerts, guided tours, and public masses, the Benedictine monks allow everyone to take part in their lives and discover what is probably Switzerland's most impressive monastery complex.

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