Stockalper Castle - Emblem of Upper Valais


The people of Brig are proud of the Stockalper Palace, which was built in the 17th century by Kaspar Stockalper. Visiting the cellars, arcades and halls of the palace, then dreaming in the palace garden under rose bushes, enjoying the view of the monastery, the Jesuit church and Brig's Old Town with their towers - simply delightful!. In the palace halls are wallpaper and silk-paintings designed in Paris in the 18th century.

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Stockalper (1609–1691) was called "The King of Simplon". The merchant, banker, large scale entrepreneur, military official and politician built Stockalper Castle in the years 1651 to 1671. The castle is the largest private building constructed in the 17th century in Switzerland. The palace has three towers with gilded onion domes and reflects the immensity of Stockalper's wealth. Today his fortune would be worth far more than half a billion Swiss Franks.

Stockalper's life is showcased in the castle musuem. For a time he monopolized the salt trade and transportation. The guided tour through the castle takes visitors to the impressive castle hall (which has original paneling dating back to the 17th century), the castle chapel and the castle gardens. Furthermore, the castle is still today the headquarters of Brig's municipal administration.

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