Museum Castle of Sasso Corbaro


Bellinzona, Ticino (Svizzera)

Bellinzona, Ticino (Svizzera)

UNESCO-Castelgrande in Bellinzona 2

UNESCO-Castelgrande in Bellinzona 2

Ducal fortresse (XV) restored by the architect Paola Piffaretti in 1992-2006.

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The Sforzas built the third castle, called Sasso Corbaro after the hill on which it stands, in 1479 after the defeat of the Milanese troops at the Battle of Giornico. It was designed and completed in the incredibly brief time of 6 month by the military engineer Benedetto Ferrini of Florence who died of the plague shortly before its completion. Its dominant position 230 meters above the town meant better protection of the Ticino Valley.

Temporary, thematic and anthological exhibitions. The Emma Poglia room, built towards the middle of the 17th century in northern an baroque style, would have been found only in the houses of the wealthy middle class families of the Blenio Valley. Belvedere: look-out tower.


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