Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso

Monti della Trinità: Locarno - Monti

Monti della Trinità: Locarno - Monti

Live an exciting experience in the world of birds of prey, take a close look at the flight of eagles, hawks, owls and vultures in an environment that respects their natural habitat. As the birds circle overhead in the arena, the falconer tells the history of this ancient art.

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Experience a close encounter with majestic birds of prey at the Falconry in Locarno, where you will have the possibility to observe and photograph eagles, Hawks, owls and vultures. Visitors learn about the important role of birds of prey in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. The falconer also describes the characteristics of the different species and their habitat.

Witness a historic moment as flight and horsemanship come together in a display by the Spanish Riding School, recalling the importance of falconry in human history. Music and period costumes turn the performance into a journey through time, carrying the audience away to an intense, surprising and poetic world.

The falconry is also open during the winter months (November to March). The heated grandstand provides for warmth when the weather is cold - and as it is covered, shows can take place by rainy weather at any time of year.

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