Ticino Experience - The Film that can be eaten


Ticino Experience is a pleasure for the eye and for the palate. The aroma of local products accompanies visitors on their unique forays through the valleys of Ticino. While they enjoy delectable specialties they discover the beauties of Ticino in the form of a comedy.

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Gourmet chef Fidelio is the main character of the (silent film) comedy that is staged in Casa Rustica in Losone. He is desperate because he has lost a star on account of a disgruntled critic. While searching for new ideas, Fidelio rambles through the Ticinese valleys and tests the region’s typical products: Ratafia, Alpine cheese, sausages, and much more.

The audience gets its fill too: while spectacular images flicker across the screen, the audience enjoys the culinary delights that are offered to them.

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