Locanda Orico


Bellinzona: UNESCO-Castelgrande in

Bellinzona: UNESCO-Castelgrande in

Bellinzona: Giubiasco Richtung 3 Castelli di

Bellinzona: Giubiasco Richtung 3 Castelli di

Located at the foot of the Castelgrande, the Locando Orico provides the perfect ambience for a magical evening dining experience.

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In a tasteful palace in the historic centre of Bellinzona, at the foot of the Castelgrande hill, you will be met by chef Lorenzo Albrici, who trained under the great Fredy Girardet, and served his extremely sophisticated cuisine - a unique fusion of Italian and French tradition with a menu that is updated regularly. The Locando Orico has 1 Michelin star, 16 GaultMillau points.

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Locanda Orico sits at the foot of Castelgrande castle, a stone’s throw from Piazza Governo, and offers an ideal setting for an enchanting dinner. I love the warm atmosphere, the flickering candlelight, the wine cellar and the attentive service here. Everything goes perfectly with Lorenzo Albrici’s imaginative menus, which are a wonderful mix of classic French and Italian cuisine.

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