In the footsteps of Heidi


Heidi and Peter outside Heidi's house, Graubünden

Heidi and Peter outside Heidi's house, Graubünden

Maienfeld in the Bündner Herrschaft inspired the poetess Johanna Spyri to write her novels about Heidi. The hiking trail takes you through the vineyards to Heidi Land.

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Technical information

Starting point:Bahnhof Maienfeld
Destination:Bahnhof Maienfeld
Getting to the starting point:Autobahn A13, Ausfahrt Maienfeld, Bahnhof Maienfeld (Sargans–Chur)
Back from the destination:dito
Physical fitness:mittelschwer
Difference in elevation:Aufsteig 600m, Abstieg 600sm (ohne Ochsenberg 150m)
Hiking time:4h15 (ohne Aufstieg zum Ochsenberg: 2h)
Season:April bis November
Note:   Für den Auf- und Abstieg Ochsenberg (Heidihütte auf der Heidialp) mit Aussicht über das Rheintal benötigt man zusätzlich gut zwei Stunden.


Imagine yourself living at a time when the Heidi legend was created! The Heidi story, translated into 40 languages, with 20 million copies published worldwide, can be experienced 'live' in the romantic Alpine mountain world between Bad Ragaz and Chur.

The story of the young, cheerful and nature-loving orphan comes alive at the authentic sites in Heidi's village. The Heidi Village takes visitors back to the time when the little girl's story was written. And the Heidi Trail leads through the idyllic landscape to Heidi House and Heidi Alp.

The world famous story of Heidi can be lived and experienced on a hiking tour in and around Maienfeld. From Heidi House in Heidi Village to Heidi Cake, everything is geared to the heroine of the novel. The Heidi Trail wends its way from the railway station in Maienfeld through the narrow lanes of the historic town of Maienfeld to Rofels and the small Heidi Village. The trail is well marked and can be easily walked with baby strollers. The Heidi House in Heidi Village is today a museum that depicts life as it was lived in Heidi's time, over 100 years ago. The interesting and challenging Heidi Adventure Trail starts at Heidi Village. It takes hikers 1¾ hour to reach the Heidi Alp (Ochsenberg). The story of Heidi is narrated in a playful manner on 12 illustrated markers along the trail.

If you don't want to hike to Heidi Alp, there is a trail that leads across fields and meadows to the Hotel-Restaurant Heidihof. Fortified by a hearty meal, you can walk in the direction of Heidi's Well, an important monument dedicated to Johanna Spyri. Original Heidi souvenirs that will keep beautiful memories alive are available at the village store in Maienfeld.

Tour Overview

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The careful planning of a tour will ensure that you also derive the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it. Please take the time to contact the local information centre and enquire about route and weather conditions before setting off. Your intended trail may be fully or partially closed, depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

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