Listen to the nettles growing, Beatenberg


Chalet Birkli

Chalet Birkli

Beatenberg-Waldegg / Ferienwohnung

Beatenberg-Waldegg / Ferienwohnung

Let herb expert and pharmacist Markus Metzger take you on a real hiking adventure in the environs of Beatenberg as he points out various medicinal plants and raises your awareness of your natural surroundings.

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On this one-hour Alpine medicinal plant excursion, you’ll learn about typical native medicinal herbs as well as their background and interesting details about their preparation as healing agents. You also have the option of following this up by mixing your own herbal tea or aroma spray. You may then extend your knowledge in the pharmacy herb (and weed) garden and also sample a strong herbal tea. The Metzger Herbalist Pharmacy has all you need to create a quite unique souvenir of your visit.

Requirements: Good shoes, sun and rain protection

Time: Approx. 2 hours Cost: CHF 25 per person including a herbal tea or a drink of Dragon Tea. Cost of materials per 100ml spray CHF 10


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