Haute Route Graubünden – a classic ski tour

Bergün - Bravougn

Travel through the most beautiful landscapes in Graubünden on touring skis this winter along the High Route. Between Julier and Flüela Pass some of the most beautiful ski tours of the Alps can be undertaken via a single continuous route that connects four SAC mountain huts.

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In old mountain and tour guidebooks this Alpine adventure was called the “Bündner Hauteroute” (“Graubünden High Route”). Nowadays only experts know this term. The hut wardens of four huts of the Swiss Alpine Club (Jenatsch, Escha, Kesch and Grialetsch) have newly processed and completely updated all the existing information. Thanks to the cooperation of the hut wardens, they can all directly answer questions in a competent fashion. Besides the homepage one can view a detailed, free manual that can be downloaded. Unique: visitors can phone one of the four huts and book the entire tour. “We can do it” is the motto of the huts’ caretakers! Unforgettable touring days are the goal, ensured by the hut wardens and their teams. A welcome addition – numerous peaks can be climbed from the SAC huts.


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