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Grand St. Bernard - Pass and Saint Bernard Dogs

Grosser St-Bernard / Martigny

Martigny vue sur le catogne

Martigny vue sur le catogne

Place Centrale de Martigny

Place Centrale de Martigny

The Saint Bernard dog is a special symbol of Switzerland. Everyone knows that the large and good-natured Barry saved the lives of lost mountaineers. The four-legged hero has always been bred at the Alpine Pass of Great Saint Bernhard.

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The Saint Bernard dog lives at the hospice on Great Saint Bernhard, a shelter founded in the Middle Ages, led by Augustinian monks. The hospitality of the monks is legendary. The Saint Bernard dog has been bred on this Alpine pass by the monks, first with the attribute of being able to carry loads, later also as an avalanche search dog. The most renowned and legendary of these dogs, Barry, is supposed to have saved the lives of over 40 people.

Today the main breeding location of the Saint Bernard dog is no longer at the hospice. However, the animals can be viewed all summer long on the Great Saint Bernhard. Hiking with the St. Bernards is sure to be an unforgettable highlight. The dog museum in Martigny, Fondation Barry, showcases stories about Saint Bernard dogs.

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