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The live of Appenzell farmers and alpine dairymen has always been marked by a variety of ancient traditions.

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The reason for this popularity is not only our exquisite cheese, but also the tranquil countryside with its rolling hills and idyllic atmosphere. It is here that you can virtu- ally feel the invigorating beat of the green heart like nowhere else in Switzerland. In the Appenzeller show dairy in Stein (AR) archaic customs and state-of-the-art cheese production go hand in hand to create an intriguing mix of old and new. You don’t just look over the cheese-maker’s shoulder, you peek right into the vat..

The restaurant with its large terrace serves regional specialities and hearty cheese dishes. The souvenir shop sells a range of original, high-quality products from Appenzell besides the famous cheese. If you come in a group of between six and eight you could try your hand at the Appenzell Cheese Game, which will test your wits, your orienteering skills and your team spirit to the limit.
Schaukaeserei Appenzell

What is there to experience?

  • Modern production facilities
  • Film presentation at the «Cheese Cinema»
  • Restaurant with large outdoor seating area
  • Cheese and souvenir shop
  • Large children’s playground
  • Breakfast at the demonstration cheese dairy: every Sunday from 8.30 am to 11.00. am

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