Rütli – Rütli Meadow

Rütli is synonymous, for all Swiss people, with the founding history of Switzerland. Nourished by the impressive drama “William Tell” by Friedrich Schiller, it is for many people the historic place where in 1291 the oath of the Swiss Confederation was sworn (Founding history of Switzerland).

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On August 1, 1291, now celebrated as the Swiss National Holiday, the three original cantons, Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden united and founded with a loyalty oath the Confederation at the forest site. The Rütli was bought in 1859 by a private organization, which a year later presented it to the Swiss Confederation.

In remembrance of the historic Rütli Oath, the Rütli Shooting has been staged since 1862, albeit not on the National Holiday, but on the Wednesday before St. Martin’s Day, on November 11th.

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